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Some rants and musing about a language I'm designing: BadLang.

Some neat things

After taking my OS class, I had a pretty neat idea: what if we replaced the DLL system with a content addressable store, and eventually migrated all application data into the store. It would make packages simple trees of content addressable content nodes (files named by hashes of their contents in this case, just like git uses), which could be trivially checked for correctness (by checking them agains their hashes) and de-duplicated. This would be the end of DLL hell versioning issues, and have lots of security deployment benefits, allow side by side installs of multiple versions of thing to not conflict and more. Well, it turns out someone has already made a system very similar to my idea, but much more refined, and fully working: enter nixOS and nix. Check them out, its sure looks like a massive improvement over what we generally have to put up with.

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