Modal Web Browser

When performing different activities on the world wide web, you often want your browser configured in different ways. Most browsers configuring support 2 such modes, normal and incognito/private. This generalizes to any number of custom modes simply.

Related is the matter of data/session persistence. I generally browse with java script and cookies disabled. If a site want to run code and store data, I limit it to an incognito session. Whether or not I want to store history is an orthogonal issue, but chrome doesn't let me manage it separably. When I'm browsing and I run issue issues (usually some site needs javascript or cookies to work) I'd like to be able to fork my session into one that had those enabled, do what is needed (Ex: make a purchase) then throw away that fork. No current browser I'm aware of can do this.

It looks like midori might be a good choice to modify. It may be doable with some basic scripts and command line arguments.

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